What to Expect

Check In Day

Camp check-in begins at 3:00 PM.  Campers check in to verify registration, payment, and medical releases before getting their group and cabin assignments. After checking in, campers have some free time to get settled in their cabins and mingle with other campers. Before dinner, campers meet with their day groups to get to know their counselors and the other campers in their group.

A Typical Camp Day

Campers have an easy wake up call with a 30 minute beginning stretch block led by counselors to get all the sleepiness and yesterday’s soreness out. Between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, campers have a full day of instruction on rifle, sabre, or flag at varying skill levels. Campers also get some time off from spinning every afternoon for some typical summer camp fun of hiking or other recreational activities. After dinner, campers can wind down with a variety of dance classes before finishing their day with snacks and a camp fire.

Pick Up Day

The last day of camp starts with the same stretch and breakfast routine campers have come accustomed to. Campers then have some time to review the choreography they have been working on all week before performing their routines for other campers and couneslors. After show and tell, we expect all campers to help clean up the camp grounds to leave the facilities cleaner then we found it before being picked up by their parents at noon. If any parents would like to come see show and tell, please arrive no later than 10am.

Cabins versus Classes

Our goal at Camp Rhapsody is for color guard kids from all over to break out of their current social circles and meet new kids who also have a passion for color guard! Each camper is assigned a cabin and a class schedule. Class schedule is determined by a campers comfort level and desire for each class and will vary from day to day, giving campers a chance to meet every other person at camp. All meal times are camp wide, so if you don’t share a cabin with your bestie, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see them in classes and at meal times!

If campers would prefer to have a familiar face in their cabin, we will certainly work to accommodate that. Please make requests during registration or by emailing our camp director at Camp@Rhapsodywinterguard.org.

Housing Accommodations

Sleeping accommodations are in cabins with bunks. Showers / bathrooms are onsite and are locker room style.

What To Pack

Flags will be provided. Please bring personal sabres or rifles if possible. If you would like to learn sabre or rifle, but do not own one, Camp Rhapsody has a limited quantity of both available for check out.

Guard gloves (if desired)

A completed Medical Release Form, signed by a parent or guardian if under 18


Sleeping Bag


Warm, Chilly u0026amp; Rainy Weather Clothes for 5 days (even if the weather is nice, it gets cold in the evenings)


Extra Socks

Athletic Shoes for Rehearsal (no Keds, Flip-Flops or Sandals)

Comfortable attire for rehearsals (No Jeans!)

Dance Attire for indoor Classes (Nothing special, just form fitting clothes, No Jeans!)

Headwear (Hat, Visor, Bandanna, Hair Ties)

Comfortable Footwear for Free Time (Flip-Flops or Sandals)

Blanket or Large Towel For Stretching In The Grass


Swimsuit for Free Time

Toiletries (Soap, Shampoo, Toothbrush, female supplies, deodorant, etc)


High SPF Sunblock

Lip Gloss w/Sunblock

Bug Spray

Aloe Vera Gel

Brace/support wrap (if needed)

Water Cooler/Bottle (1/2 Gallon Insulated works best!)

A Little Spending Money (Souvenirs, Snacks on Free Time)

What NOT to Bring

Please consider not bringing the following items, as Camp Rhapsody can’t be responsible for them.




Digital Camera

Lots of Money

Cell Phones (call service is limited at camp)