What to Expect

Check-In Day

Camp check-in begins in the afternoon.  At this time, you will verify registration, payment, and medical releases before getting your group and cabin assignments. After checking in, you have some free time to get settled in your cabin and mingle with other campers. There will be time to get to know counselors and other campers in your day groups with an activity or two. Before dinner, Campwide Ice breakers along with an introduction of Staff will take place.

A Typical Camp Day

You have an easy wake-up call with a 30-minute beginning stretch block led by Counselors to get all the sleepiness and yesterday’s soreness out of the way for the day. Between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, You will have a full day of instruction on Rifle, Sabre, or Flag at your selected skill level. Also, you will get some time off from spinning every afternoon for some typical summer camp fun! After dinner, You can wind down with a variety of dance classes before finishing your day with with some group hang out time.

Pickup Day

The last day of camp starts with the same stretch and breakfast routine you have become accustomed to. You then have some time to review the choreography you have been working on all week! Next, you’ll be performing your routines for other Campers, Counselors, and Parents are welcome to come as well! After Show and Tell, it is expected that everyone helps to clean up the campgrounds and leave the facilities cleaner then we found it before being picked up by noon. To parents who would like to come to see the show and tell, please arrive no later than 10 am!

Cabins Versus Classes

Our goal at Camp Rhapsody is for color guard kids from all over to break out of their current social circles and meet new kids who also have a passion for a color guard! Each camper is assigned a cabin and a class schedule. The class schedule is determined by your comfort level and desire for each class and will vary from day to day, giving you a chance to meet every other person at camp. All meal times are camp-wide, so if you don’t share a cabin with your bestie, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see them in classes and at meal times!

If campers would prefer to have a familiar face in their cabin, we will certainly work to accommodate that. Please make requests during registration or by emailing our camp director at Camp@Rhapsodywinterguard.org.

Class Levels

Level 1 - Beginner

  • Learn the basic skills
  • Try a new piece of equipment

Level 2 - Intermediate

  • Solidifying skills
  • Solidifying technique

Level 3 - Advanced

  • Pushing skills to next level
  • Adding emotional qualities


  • Basic body positions
  • Tendus
  • Plies
  • Basic across the floors
  • Adding in ground work
  • Adding in intermediate leaps
  • Intermediate across the floors
  • Working on balance, falling, inversions, dynamics
  • Advanced across the floors


  • Basic positions
  • Spins
  • Cones
  • Singles / basic tosses
  • Single 1/2 / Doubles / Horizontals
  • Small 45s
  • Adding body under tosses
  • Larger 45s
  • Creative tosses

Rifle and Sabre

  • Basic positions
  • Spins
  • Flourishes
  • Singles / basic tosses
  • Tracks
  • Backhand catches
  • Stops
  • Doubles / triples
  • Adding in body / movement to choreography
  • Double time
  • Stops with body
  • Quads / fives
  • Body intensive choreography