Camp RhapsoDy

What is it?

A Summer Colorguard Experience

Camp Rhapsody is a full outdoor summer camp focused around the Colorguard activity. The 5-day experience offers intensive technique & choreography classes in Dance, Flag, Rifle, Sabre, Marching, and Performance.

Instructed by a remarkable mix of Washington State’s most experienced Colorguard Staff. In an all-inclusive tried and true learning environment, students leave camp with a solid foundation to grow themselves as performers as well as in their individual programs. And of course, a Summer camp would not be complete without Hiking, Cabins, and the infamous Lip Sync Battle!

What to expect

Our Vision

Our goal is to create powerful and competitive colorguard members through these key concepts:

  • Develop new skills, no matter your skill level
  • Consistently apply technique and performance to choreography
  • Learn leadership tools that can be applied to colorguard teams as well as future life experiences
  • Become your best self
  • Discover your passions
  • Build confidence
  • Make new friends through the northwest colorguard scene
  • Build team bonds

Meet Your Director!

Akaila Ballard

Akaila is a Seattle transplant from Southern California. She graduated from Seattle University with degrees in Business Management, Entrepreneurship, and Photography. She now works at the Watershed Pub & Kitchen and teaches colorguard at Kamiak High School. Akaila enjoys vegan food, baseball games, dance classes, and spending time with her senior foster cat. She is passionate about her role as Camp Director and is always happy to answer any questions you may have!

“Last summer I attended my first Rhapsody Camp. I was an instructor for 4th – 6th graders already but was moving up to a high school instructor position that upcoming fall, so I needed a refresher course. I was so grateful to attend the camp. I took classes alongside other students and learned so much. I loved that there were different levels of classes to accommodate us all. In one class, I felt I was a beginner, in another I was not. It was great to choose what class level I felt comfortable with and when I wasn’t sure, a staff member helped me out with where they thought I was best suited. Not only was the location beautiful, but the atmosphere among the students and staff was amazing. It was like one big, happy family. Our common goal was to be open to learning new things, meeting new friends and just getting better! I look forward to attending again this year and to watch students from my new high school team learn and grow.”

– Renee Giugliano